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HIMS For Hair Loss

Today, there isn't a product on the market that can't be purchased online. Everything from groceries to dating is done with a swipe of a smartphone. In fact, many popular clothing stores are closing their doors and focusing all of their sales online. Whether this is good or bad is up for debate, but the fact of the matter is modern technology is revolutionizing the way we shop and live our lives. Dealing with hair loss can be embarassing and the thought of going to the doctors office can turn many hair loss sufferers away from treatment. In this article, we will be discussing HIMS a new application that links prescribing doctors with patients.

What is HIMS

HIMS is a tech startup company that connects men with doctors to obtain prescriptions for hair loss and sexual health medications like Propecia (finasteride) and Viagra (sildenafil). The company works by connecting the patient with one of their network doctors. The company claims that the patient only needs to complete a digital assesment that takes less than five minutes. However, prior to submitting the assesment patients are asked to upload their government-issued id card along with their date of birth, shipping and credit card information. HIMS has a HIPPA-compliant messaging platform where patients can ask doctors questions at any time. HIMS states that all of their network doctors are licensed, board certified and located in the United States. It is important to note that their doctros are licensed in specific states, so patients must look at the doctors licensed states prior to ordering medication.

Is HIMS legitimate

HIMS, Inc is based out of Austin, TX and was founded in 2017 by Andrew Dudum. Andrew has been involved in several startups which include companies such as Atomic, Ever Co, Terminal, TalkIQ to name a few. Thus far, HIMS holds an A+ rating with the better business bureau, as of now it appears that HIMS has already cornered the men's health market. Over 50% of men at age 50 suffer from genetic hair loss and approximately 40% of men age 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. Many men are too embarassed or ashamed to seek medical treatment for hair loss and erectile dysfunction, HIMS seems to have solved that problem for many men. 

Surgical Hair Restoration vs Medication

Some day, perhaps in the distant future hair loss will be cured with a pill or an injection, but until that time comes hair transplantation is king. The only way to restore hair on a completely bald scalp is through surgical hair restoration. While medications can prevent, slow and even stop hair loss, it will not fully restore hair on a bald scalp. In addition, medications like Propecia (finasteride) has been linked with undesirable side effects like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and even gynocomastia. Moreover, many users complain of a phenomenon called Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS). PFS is described as persistent side effects even after the medication has been discontinued.


While HIMS seems to have exploded in popularity, it should be noted that the medications that are mailed to patients are generic versions of the brand name medications. The brand name Propecia is not mailed to patients who use HIMS, instead a generic form of finasteride is mailed. Finasteride is the active ingredient in Propecia. The same goes for Viagra, many patients may be expecting the famous little blue pill, but may be surprised to see a completely different pill. HIMS mails out the generic version of Viagra which is called sildenafil. On paper, generics and brand name medications should work the same way. However, there is some anecdotal reports online that suggest brand name medications work better. That said, there is no scientific evidence that proves that generic and brand name medications work any differently, because the active ingredient in both medications should be the same.