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Hair Loss Treatments

Histogen and Conatus Pharmaceuticals Merge

Histogen is a small regenerative medicine firm located in San Diego, California. The company has gotten a lot of attention from the hair loss world after announcing its clinical trials aimed to treat female pattern baldness. The clinical trial displayed some impressive results, Dr. Kimberly Butterwick of Dermatology Cosmetic Laser Medical Associates, led the clinical trials. The company has gotten mainstream media attention after announcing its merger with pharmaceutical giants Conatus Pharmaceuticals, but what does this mean for future hair loss treatments? Keep reading. 

Histogen and Hair Loss

Histogen has a treatment described as neonatal cells (fibroblasts), which may have significant advantages over stem cells. The biggest advantage of these fibroblasts cells are the abundance of these cells and the ability to harvest them.

The cells are grown in simulated embryonic conditions, which leads to upregulation of several growth factors. These growth factors are vital for hair follicle growth, including new hair growth and hair rejuvenation. Histogen has patented this process. The lead researcher Dr. Butterwick had this to say: "The potential of a simple, injected treatment that stimulates stem cells in the scalp to create new hair could be life-changing.

The study and trials were for women — however, genetic hair loss affects both men and women the same way. Therefore, viable treatment for women should theoretically work for men as well.

The Merger With Conatus Pharmaceuticals

Most of the changes will be internal, but the company will be renamed Histogen, Inc, and will remain headquartered in San Diego. Histogen is on the Nasdaq Capital Market currently being traded under a new symbol. Histogen has a lot of developmental Milestones they expect to meet with their new partners. The list includes the following:

*File an investigational New Drug Application Amendment in 2nd quarter (Q2) 2020 and initiate phase 1b/2a trials for HST 001 for the treatment of male pattern baldness. 

*Announce top-line results from phase 1b/2a study of HST 001 for the treatment of male pattern baldness.

What Does This Mean For The Future

While their announcements have been exciting, there isn't a lot of detailed clinical data surrounding their proposed treatments. Until recently, they relied heavily on investment funding; however, now they will have a huge pharmaceutical company to fund their research. As hair loss sufferers, we should be excited, and perhaps they will develop the third FDA-approved hair loss treatment soon, only time will tell.