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Hair Loss Treatments

Is There A Hair Loss Cure On The Horizon?

Hair loss has plagued men and women since the beginning of time. Some of the greatest minds in history struggled with hair loss. Ever wonder how the term 'big wig' started? Well, you can thank the English men of the 17th century who made wearing wigs a popular fad. The bigger the rug, the more power and wealth the person had as ridiculous as that sounds. Hair loss wasn't something even the richest and most powerful men of England could overcome hundreds of years ago. With all of the technological advancements, surely there must be a cure around the corner, right? Well, keep reading.

Stemson Therapeutics Stem Cell Research

Stemson Therapeutics is a company based out of California, who have been making headlines for their stem cell research. According to their CEO Geoff Hamilton, they can generate brand new hair follicles. The elaborate process involves removing stem cells from a person's blood or healthy cells, which will turn the cells into folliculogenesis cells- these cells are the foundation of hair follicles.

Sounds intriguing, but let's talk about the cost. Stemson Therapeutics project the prices will be on par with hair transplant surgery, which on average, is anywhere from $4,000-20,000 depending on where and who you go too. As of 2020, not much is known about Stemson Therapeutics. They were close to a 'break-through,' but no concrete information or timeline has given.

Replicel RCH-01

Replicel is an autologous cell therapy, which means it uses the dermal sheath cups (DSC) of DHT-resistant hair follicles, and multiply them by millions and re-introduce the resistant DSCs into the scalp. The idea is to replace vulnerable DSCs with resistant ones. A lot of us were excited about the phase II clinical trials of Replicel RCH-01 that were to going to be revealed this year.

Unfortunately, the results were lackluster, and it's not likely to ever be approved as a real hair loss treatment. In the study, the average increase in density was around five hairs per square centimeter (cm2), and the positive results did not go beyond nine months. 

Dr. Tsuji Hair Cloning

Whenever you visit a hair loss board or hair loss forum, you will always hear the name, Dr. Tsuji. Dr. Tsuji is a Japanese physician who works with Riken's major research center in partnership with Organ Technologies. They are already testing the treatment in Humans as of 2019.  Another interesting note, last year, Dr. Tsuji said the procedure would cost approximately 20 to 40 million Japanese yen, which converts into roughly 190,000 to 380,000 American dollars. We don't have any detailed information about human trials. 


While some of these companies sound intriguing, there isn't much information to go by, and the few clinical trials that were released are lackluster. Back in the year 2000, when Y2K was a thing, we were told that a hair loss cure was around the corner, and in 2010 we were told another ten years. Now, in 2020, there doesn't seem to be any real development. As of today, the best treatments remain finasteride, dutasteride, and minoxidil.