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Joe Biden vs Donald Trump Who Has The Better Hair Transplant?

In a few months, a historical event will occur, the ultimate follicular showdown between two presidential candidates. Regardless of what political spectrum you find yourself on, whether it be left, right, or center. The one thing we can all agree on is both candidates Biden and Trump have done something to maintain their fading follicles. In this article, we will discuss what both candidates likely have done to keep their hair and which candidate looks better, in our opinion.

What's Up With Biden's Hair?

In the late '70s, Joe Biden had some of the worst hair plugs seen to date. Joe had the worst of both worlds for a hair transplant candidate. He had dark hair and light skin. Adding insult to injury, he had a significant amount of hair loss, which made it impossible to cover his scalp with dense coverage and fullness fully. Joe had an island of hair plugs in the middle of his scalp that looked like scattered doll hairs. Over the years, however, his hair has improved immensely. 

There has been a lot of speculation to what he may have done to fix the horrible hair plugs. For one, his hair is now white, which is a lot more forgiving to the eye. His hair isn't as noticeable because the contrast between his scalp and hair has reduced significantly. White hair and light skin is the most forgiving combination. However, there is no doubt that that Biden has gotten another procedure to refine his hairline. 

He likely removed the old bulky hair plugs, and had them converted into follicular units, and then re-transplanted into his scalp. It's also possible that he has had additional surgeries to add density. Overall, his hair looks a lot better today then it did thirty to forty years ago. 

What's on Donald Trump's Head? 

Some say it's a raccoon, others say it's cotton candy, and some even claim that it's a beehive. His combed over quaff-hairstyle has become synonymous with him and his brand. Everything from the terrible dyed blonde hair and the hair that grows in several different directions is a vital clue to what he likely had done to keep his hair. 

Back in the 70s and 80s, it was common for men to undergo scalp reduction surgeries and flap surgeries. These surgeries are considered barbaric by today's standards, but back then, they were common. A scalp reduction is performed by removing a piece of the scalp and sewing it back together again- this lowered the hairline. 

Flap surgery was performed by excising a strip of hair-bearing tissue from the back and sides of the scalp and then sewing it into a bald section, if it sounds like something out of Frankenstein, that's because it is. Sewing a part of your scalp on a different section doesn't look very natural, and this leads to hair growing in different directions that aren't natural.  Trump likely underwent flap surgery and scalp reduction, based on what his hair looks like today.

Who's Hair Looks Better?

Now, who looks better is subjective, but in our opinion, the deciding factor should be whose hair looks more natural, given the fact that Trump's hair appears to be growing in different directions. 

In our opinion, both Biden and Trump's hair looks terrible, but it appears that Joe's hair was more salvageable, and nowadays looks more natural thanks to the refinement surgeries and his hair turning white.  That said, it seems that Trump has more hair on his head than Biden; it just doesn't look natural.