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Lebron James Hairline Falls During Game Dr. Diep Answers Why

Lebron James's hair has made the headlines again, but for all the wrong reasons. Many have accused James of undergoing surgical hair restoration to restore his thinning thatch because each summer, his hair makes a better comeback than Tom Brady. At times Lebron's hair can look like it never left. Other times a few wispy hairs are hanging for dear life. This has many asking the question, "what is going on with his hair?" In this article, Dr. Diep, a leading hair transplant surgeon, answers basketball's most sought out question. 

Lebron Uses Hair Loss Concealer

Hair loss sufferers are well aware of hair loss concealers that cover up bald spots and boost the appearance of fullness — the most popular hair loss concealer is called Toppik. Toppik is a magnetically charged fiber that attaches to thin hair follicles and makes them longer and thicker. Hair loss concealers give the 'illusion' of a full head of hair. 

Dr. Diep had this to say: "It's clear that Lebron uses hair loss concealer during games, sometimes his hair looks good, and that's the reason why. Unfortunately, Lebron made the fatal mistake of placing his sweaty hair-band in front of his hairline. The hair-band caused the fibers to rub off, and his hairline to appear eroded.

Lebron's Rich Why Can't He Get His Hairline Fixed? 

Hair loss today is a choice, especially for the rich and famous. Elon Musk, one of the richest men in the world, had a hair transplant, and his hair looks better today than it did 20 years ago. However, not every rich celebrity gets the same result. 

We asked Dr. Diep why, and he had this to say: 

"Everyone thinks that celebrities have some insider information on who is performing good work. In reality, they have assistants doing most of their doctor appointments and errands, which includes researching surgeons. Unfortunately, most celebrities don't do any research, and they think any surgeon that performs surgery in Beverly Hills must be doing good work." 

Has Lebron James Had A Hair Transplant Before?

There are a lot of theories concerning Lebron James's hair transplants. Some believe that he has had several, while others think he hasn't had any procedures. We asked Dr. Diep, and he had this to say, 

"Lebron James has had a hair transplant, and he has a visible strip scar. His results were terrible, and he exhibits little to no hair growth from the procedure. Afrocentric hair is difficult to harvest, because hair follicles change direction under the skin, due to their curl. Patients of African origin must choose a specialist in extracting Afrocentric hair. Otherwise, their results will look just as bad or even worse than Lebron's." 

Can Lebron James Still Get A Decent Result?

Once an individual has undergone a hair transplant procedure, some issues can hinder the growth. For example, scar tissue develops after thousands of micro-incision sites are created; these scars can affect the outcome of the procedure. 

We asked Dr. Diep if he believes Lebron can still get a good result, and he had this to say:

 "Lebron can get a good hair transplant result if he spends time researching the right surgeon. He has to select a surgeon who specializes in extracting Afrocentric hair. He needs to comb-through hair loss forums to find the best surgeons for Afrocentric hair. 

I have one of the largest portfolios on YouTube, the hair restoration network forum, and I have thousands of patients of African origin. A lot of my African American patients blew up my phone after seeing Lebron's hair mishap over the weekend. I would be happy to fix Lebron's hairline."

Who is Dr. Diep?

Dr. John Diep is a leading hair restoration surgeon located in the heart of the silicon valley. Dr. Diep is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Most importantly, Dr. Diep is approved and recommended by the Hair Transplant Network. Furthermore, Dr. Diep specializes in Afrocentric hair. 

The placement of the hairline, design, and artistry varies for different ethnicities. Specifically, for patients of African origin, their hairlines tend to be narrow and straight. The zig-zag in the hairline is tighter in comparison to Caucasian patients. On average, Caucasians tend to have higher hairlines. It's crucial to select a surgeon who specializes in hairline design for different ethnicities.