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Mangrove Tree Extract May Reverse Hair Loss New Study Shows

Mangrove Tree Extract May Reverse Hair Loss Scientists SayIn Thailand, researchers have made an exciting hair loss discovery that has the hair loss world talking. Researchers in Thailand believe they have found what they believe to be the next big thing weapon against androgenic alopecia, otherwise known as genetic hair loss. In this article, we will be going over the study and breaking down the best treatments for hair loss to date.

What Did The Study Say?

mangrove tree extract reverses hair loss

 Wanchai Professor led the study, which included a mix of both men and women. The study size was small, with 50 participants. Scientists at the Chulalongkorn have been researching Avicennia Marin's substance, which contains a compound called Avicequinon-C. The researchers logged the participant's progress by regularly taking photographs. The participants applied the extract to their scalp daily. 

There was an interesting quote from Professor Wanchai Deeknamkul, a part of the Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Botany department of the university, who said: "the substance not only prevents hair loss but also promotes hair growth." To date, there have only been two FDA-approved medications for the treatment of hereditary hair loss. The extract will need to be studied on more participants before the Thai Food and Drug Administration can approve it. 

The images provided by the study appear favorable. That said, the photos in the before pictures have different hairstyles, and the images are in different lighting. An example of this is the first image on the second row. You can see the light source is a lot brighter, illuminating his scalp.  The third picture exposes the hairline in the second row, while the fourth picture covers the hairline with hair. Now, I'm not disputing the findings, merely stating observations. 


The study sample was small, the parameters of the study are unclear. Was this a double-blind controlled study? The study did not mention this, which would be of significant importance. Overall, there aren't enough details in the study to prove anything. There is always a 'discovery' each year, but they quickly lose hype. The only proven method to regrow hair on a bald scalp is through hair transplant surgery. Combining medications like finasteride, minoxidil, and hair restoration are the best we have to date. Schedule a free virtual consultation with hair transplant surgeons that have built a patient-based reputation off their results, not their advertisements and marketing. But remember, lists are starting points for research, learn from patients, find out what hair loss treatments work and which surgeons do the best work on the hair restoration network hair loss forum.