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Shaving the Recipient Area for Hair Restoration Surgery

Shaving the recipient area is truly a hot topic on our hair restoration discussion forum.

In my opinion, shaving the recipient area in cases where hair is being transplanted in between and around a lot of native hair will allow the surgeon to more easily see the direction of the existing native hair thus minimizing the risk of natural hair follicle transection which would result in permanent shock loss.

I believe shaving the recipient area in these cases may allow a hair restoration physician to use more dense packing around the natural hair follicles while minimizing the risk of damaging natural hair.

But clearly not all hair transplant patients are in a position where shaving is absolutely necessary - in fact, many are not.

Hair transplant patients receiving hair transplantation in completely bald areas or areas with very little native hair would not need to be shaved to optimize the surgical environment in my opinion.

On the other hand however, many hair restoration physicians who don't normally require shaving have suggested shaving in cases where hair is being transplanted in between and around a lot of existing native hair.

But what about the needs of the hair restoration patient?  Certainly most hair loss sufferers would rather not have their head shaved during hair transplant surgery. 

I believe many won't have to and yet still be able to receive the same quality of hair transplantation as the ones who are shaved.

But for those having hair transplanted between and around a lot of natural hair - it is my opinion that shaving the recipient area minimizes the risks as I've stated above.