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Hair Loss Treatments

Stemson Therapeutics May Cure Baldness!

Researchers at Stemson Therapeutics have found a way to create new hair cells that could potentially cure hair loss. In fact, Chief Scientific Officer Alexey Tersikh claimed that they're close to a significant break-through in terms of their research. 

Stem Cells in to Hair Follicles 

For the past few years Stemson Therapeutics has been working feverishly on a two-part process, which converts stem cells in to hair follicles. At which point, the follicle cells would be transplanted into the hair loss sufferers scalp to generate new hair. 

CEO of Stemson Therapeutics Geoff Hamilton says: " We have the capability to generate brand new hair follicles." The process involves using stem cells derived from a person's blood or cells, at which point these cells would be converted in to folliculogenic cells. These folliculogenic cells are the foundations of hair follicles. 

The process involves placing cells in a scaffold which keep the cells in place, and directs the hair follicles to grow in a certain direction. This ensures that there aren't any ingrown hair or hair that grows in unnatural directions. 

What's The Cost?

At some point, they project the cost for the cell therapy would be comparable to that of a hair transplant, which is on average around $10,000 depending on the location where the surgery is performed. Additionally, they project that this treatment could help cancer patients who have lost hair due to chemotherapy. Which would be an unprecedented solution for chemotherapy patients. Thus far, the testing has been successful on mice. However, the company has not received FDA-approval to perform these tests on humans.


Announcements like these keep hair loss sufferers all around the world hopeful for a cure. However, the facts are that human testing is still far away. While this announcement may be a break-through for their research, it is far from being applicable to humans and even farther away from being approved by the FDA. At this point, the only proven method of growing new hair on a bald scalp is through surgical hair restoration