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Hair Loss Treatments

Stemson Therapeutics Raises 22.5 Million Dollars to Cure Hair Loss

hair loss cureStemson Therapeutics released a press statement on July 15, 2021, and announced closing a DCVC-Bio led $15 million series A financing to pursue a cure to hair loss. Several investors supported Stemson's research to regenerate hair and hair growth with a novel cell regeneration technology. In this article, we will be discussing Stemson Therapeutics as a pipeline treatment for hereditary hair loss

Stem Cell Hair Regeneration 

Stemson Therapeutics has been working on a two-part process that converts stem cells into hair follicles. The stem cells are reintroduced into the patient's scalp to generate new hair. Back in 2019, CEO of Stemson Therapeutics Geoff Hamilton said this: "We can generate brand new hair follicles." Stemson Therapeutics uses stem cells derived from blood or other cells, which convert into folliculogenic cells. The cells are placed in a scaffold to keep them in place, and the cells are directed to grow in a specific direction- this process ensures that there are no unnatural patterns of growth. Stemson advised that robots will handle the scaffolding for precise insertion into the scalp in a press release. 

Furthermore, Stemson is developing a human skin model which will likely be implanted on large mammals such as pigs. Stemson will be able to test out their implantation process in a manner that will closely mirror a human before starting any clinical trials. 

Projected Cost for Treatment

There hasn't been a lot of information online about the actual cost of the treatment. However, it is projected to cost around 10,000 dollars, depending on the location where the treatment is rendered. The treatment isn't aimed to treat solely genetic hair loss. Stemson project to help thousands if not millions of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. 

What Does This Funding Mean?

The total funding raised to date is 22.5 million dollars, allowing Stemson to take its development to the next stage in the research and development of its cell engineering platform. Stemson plans to combine the bioengineered material with a robotic delivery system to offer a natural solution to hair loss. 

The additional funding will help Stemson's research and development focused on an optimized solution for human skin structure on larger animals. Currently, Stemson has successfully initiated hair follicle growth on smaller animals like mice. This next stage is critical, as it is imperative to create new hair follicles in an environment that resembles the human skin structure before they can begin human clinical trials. 


It's impressive that a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to curing hair loss can raise millions of dollars in funding. However, it's not the first time hair loss sufferers have been promised a cure. I can look back at Intercytex back in the 2000s and most recently Replicel. None of which amounted to anything. If you're gonna wait for a cure, you're likely going to be bald for the rest of your life. To date, the best solution to hair loss is through medication finasteride and minoxidil combined with surgical hair restoration. If you're interested in restoring your hair but need some guidance, go ahead and submit free virtual consultations to world-renowned hair transplant surgeons in your area HERE