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Hair Loss Treatments

Stop Wasting Money On Bunk Hair Loss Products!

If you're losing hair, you've probably come across some magic pill that is supposedly the cure to hair loss as we know it. In fact, you've probably wasted a good chunk of change buying these useless products. The hair loss industry has a bad reputation for a reason. The amount of charlatans selling new-age quackery is astounding, they know hair loss sufferers are desperate to stop their hair loss. In this article, we will be helping you save your hard-earned cash by staying away from these bogus products.

Stay Away From Products That Promote Hair Growth!

This is the oldest trick in the book, a supplement company will begin to advertise their worthless product by deceptively claiming hair transplant before and after photos are a result from using their product. In fact, several hair transplant surgeons have their patients photos stolen and used as a supplement ad. So why should you stay away from products that say "promote hair growth"? Well, the answer is simple. These products tap dance around the fact that they do absolutely nothing for hair loss and only promote healthy hair. You could essentially take a cheap multi-vitamin from any drug store and get the exact same benefit for a fraction of the cost. Genetic hair loss is caused by a genetic vulnerability to the hormone called DHT. Vitamins, minerals, and diets do not stop hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia (hereditary hair loss).

What Works?

There are only two FDA-approved treatments that have been proven to prevent, slow, and even stop hair loss. The first medication that was approved by the FDA is called Rogaine (minoxidil), a topical treatment that has been shown to slow hair loss by prolonging the hair follicles life cycle. The second and most effective medcation is called Propecia (finasteride). Finasteride is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor which is taken orally and daily. The 5-alpha reductase enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone in to DHT through the blood stream. Finasteride reduces inhibits this enzyme thus, reducing the amount of circulating DHT in the body. Another potent medication that has been clinically proven to stop hair loss is called Avodart (dutasteride). Dutasteride is also a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, like finasteride except much more potent. Finasteride has been clinically shown to reduce DHT levels by up to 70%, while dutasteride has been shown to reduce DHT levels by up to 90%.


To date, the only proven method of regrowing hair on a completely bald scalp is through surgical hair restoration. Hair transplant surgery is king in terms of hair loss treatments. Non-surgical treatments/medications are great for stopping the progression of hair loss, but rarely re-grow hair. That said, a combination of the aforementioned hair loss medications and hair transplantation are the most effective treatments available today.