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Hair Loss Treatments

Top 3 Hair Loss Products to AVOID in 2019!

Treatments for hair loss have come a long way since the days of snake-oil, but that doesn't mean that these snake-oil treatments have completely vanished. No, in fact every year a new 'magical elixir' or 'scalp-tonic' pop-up on our social media feeds reminding us that these conniving companies put money above everything else. In this article, we will be giving you the top 3 products to avoid.

Number 1. "Natural" Hair Loss Vitamins

Some of you may have seen these so-called hair loss vitamins pop up in your social media feeds claiming to stop hair loss dead in it's tracks. The claims these supplement companies make is down-right outlandish and borderline insulting to an educated hair loss sufferer. These companies claim that hair loss vitamins nourish and rejuvinate thinning hair by "promoting" hair growth, key word promoting. 

Promoting hair growth and stopping hair loss are two different things, technically getting adequate sleep and living a healthier life style 'promotes' hair growth. However, this does absolutely zero for the person suffering from androgenic alopecia (genetic hair loss). The list of bogus vitamins include Biotin, vitamin B3 , Vitamin C, and even minerals such as iron. 

Unless you're malnourished these vitamins will do nothing to stop hair loss. Hereditary hair loss is not caused by any vitamin deficiency, it is caused by a genetic vulnerability to the hormone called DHT. DHT binds to androgen receptor sites and gradually degrades the hair follicles until they no longer grow. This process is called miniaturization or thinning. 

Number 2. Scalp Bands

One of the most troubling products that we've come across are the so-called hair growth bands. The devices are supposedly thought to increase blood flow, oxygen and nutirents to the scalp. Some of these companies have made some asinine claims that conventional wisdom is wrong. In fact, we've read claims that hair loss is not caused by DHT, but rather a reduction in blood supply and oxygen. According to them hair follicles require nutrients, minerals and oxygen. Which is a perfect segue to sell their useless hair loss vitamins. 

Facts About Hair Loss

All of the research and science show that male pattern baldness is a condition that is triggered by androgens, specifically DHT. There is no clinical evidence that proves hair loss is directly related to a decrease in blood supply. If this were the case we could simply hang upside down a few minutes a day and watch hair grow right before our eyes. 

Number 3. Argain Oil 

This product seems to be spammed non-stop in every YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram comment section. The claims are absurd and laughable. Argan oil comes from the argan tree and is rich in fatty acids. There has been no conclusive evidence that shows argan oil does anything for genetic hair loss. The only oil worth using is Pumpkin seed oil. There was a study published that showed that pumpkin seed oil may be effective at treating hereditary hair loss. 


There are only two FDA-approved medications that have been proven to prevent, slow and even stop androgenic alopecia. The first medication is called Propecia (finasteride). Finasteride is the most effective hair loss treatment on the market. It inhibits the production of DHT and reduces the amount of DHT in the body. However, it has been linked with some undesirable side effects. Nevertheless, anyone serious about stopping their hair loss should put this in their basket. The second medication is called Rogaine (minoxidil). Minoxidil is not as effective as finasteride, but does help prolong the hair follicles life cycle, which significantly delays the balding process. The only proven method of restoring hair on a bald scalp is through surgical hair restoration. Hair transplant surgery is king.