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What Causes Hair Loss

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12 March, 2018


Typical male pattern genetic baldness (androgenic alopecia) can start with thinning hair and/or a bald spot in the crown. On the other hand, alopecia areata can cause a bald spot to form rapidly and in random areas of the scalp or body... Read More

27 October, 2017


Most hair loss is genetic in nature. However, external factors such as traumatic stress can trigger thinning hair even in those individuals not genetically susceptible to the effects of pattern baldness. Read More

18 October, 2016


You may be a candidate for hair transplant surgery but you will have to get your dandruff under control first. Read More

20 April, 2016


Having a man bun for a few months would not likely cause the type of hair loss you have. At age 21 genetic balding would usually start in the hairline, temporal or crown areas. Not where your thinning has occurred Read More

13 May, 2015


The average, healthy scalp loses roughly 100 hairs throughout the day. It's truly difficult to gauge just how much hair we lose in a given day since we typically only see a small portion. Read More

30 April, 2015


Iím sorry to hear that youíve had to face genetic hair loss at such a young age. Male pattern balding (MPB) results when follicles on the top of the head are genetically vulnerable to the effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Read More

10 April, 2015


Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to that question. If you search Nizoral on our hair restoration forum you will likely find some guys claiming that it caused irreversible shedding and other complications while others have had no side effects at all. Read More

10 March, 2015


Overuse of harsh chemicals can certainly damage follicles and cause hair loss. This loss can be temporary or permanent if scarring occurs. However, in the vast majority of male cases, hair loss is, in fact, genetic. Read More

10 February, 2015


Yes, testosterone replacement can accelerate hair loss because it is converted to DHT. If the patient is on Propecia (finasteride), Read More

5 January, 2015


Hair color contains multiple chemicals including peroxide and ammonia which can cause hair to become brittle and break, In addition, these chemicals if applied too long, can burn and possibly scar the scalp. Read More

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