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What Causes Hair Loss

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16 December, 2014


I'm not a physician. However, I think we need to define stress. We're not talking about the kind of stress that comes from holiday shopping or the barista at Starbucks mucking up our lattes. Read More

22 July, 2014


There are many factors, both genetic and non-genetic, that can contribute to hair loss. However, infrequent washing is not likely to cause thinning hair. Read More

29 June, 2014


Hair loss can result from a number of conditions both genetic (androgenic alopecia) and non-genetic. While balding may not be directly related to the effects of rheumatoid lung disease, medical conditions in general can lead to thinning hair due to the stress they put on the body. Read More

10 April, 2014


Though it's easy to find stories on the Internet of people who claim to have experienced permanent hair loss or more robust hair growth after shaving their head, the fact is, shaving has no impact on hair density. Read More

20 November, 2013


I'm not a physician but, even if I were, I could not accurately diagnose the cause of your hair loss without a thorough examination. Read More

26 June, 2013


Itís very difficult to explain why shedding has occurred at this time. Remember, minoxidil is not a cure for hair loss. Sometimes, genetics simply overtakes the drug and balding resumes. Read More

18 May, 2013


Under normal conditions, dandruff does not lead to hair loss. However, excessive and prolonged scratching associated with severe seborrheic dermatitis can lead to a form of hair loss known as traction alopecia. Read More

14 May, 2013


Hair loss can occur for a number of reasons. However, in most cases, balding is caused by androgenic alopecia or genetic hair loss. In some cases, non-genetic hair loss due to environment, nutrition, illness or stress can lead to a temporary thinning known as telogen effluvium. Read More

17 January, 2013


First, I want to emphasize that this is not a normally occurring condition. It sounds as if you have severe dandruff and you must get it under control before you can treat your thinning hair. Read More

23 October, 2012


The drug isotretinoin, commonly known by the brand name Accutane, is used to treat severe acne in patients that have not responded well to more conventional drug treatments. Read More

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