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Women with Hair Loss

What Is the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Female Hair Loss?


My mother is in her late sixties and her hair thinned due to a stressful event in her life and a thyroid problem.  Her thyroid gland is now removed and she is under the guidance of her doctor with regards to her Levothyroxine. She is extremely conscious of her thin hair and has tried many hair growth products. She is currently taking silica tablets & MSM.Aafter seeing an advertisement for TRX2 we wonder if these capsules would be of benefit. She just doesn't want any more unecessary hair loss and wants it to feel thicker.


Truly effective non-surgical hair loss treatments are few and that number is reduced to one when it comes to female hair loss. The only clinically proven and FDA approved medical hair loss treatment for women with thinning hair is Rogaine (minoxidil). Herbal products like MSM may improve the overall quality of hair but they do not regrow hair.For more information on TRX2, read the reveiw on our Hair Loss Q&A Blog, here.