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Women with Hair Loss

What Is the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Female Hair Loss?


I'm a female and I've got some thinning hair at the top of my head. It's starting to become more noticeable now, and it's making me self conscious about going out in public. I'm terrified of the idea of surgery, and would like to avoid it (I'm not sure I'm at the point where I need it anyway).

I was wondering if there is a non-surgical method someone could recommend. Are there any that are specifically for women? Should I consult with a dermatologist or a hair restoration clinic? Any help is much appreciated!


Proven, non-surgical hair loss treatments for women are limited. In fact, the only clinically proven and FDA approved medical hair loss treatment for females is Rogaine 2% minoxidil. However, many hair restoration physicians will recommend the stronger and more effective 5% men's formula for female hair loss.

Another safe, non-surgical procedure you may wish to consider is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Though its efficacy is still a matter for debate, many reputable hair transplant surgeons offer this as an adjunct to surgery or a stand-alone procedure. It has gained some attention in the media lately as an effective treatment for female hair loss.

Another potential option to consider is the use of hair loss concealers like Toppik or DermMatch. These products can create the appearance of thicker hair.

I recommend consulting with a dermatologist specializing in hair loss or an experienced and ethical hair restoration physician like those recommended by our community.


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