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What Causes Hair Loss

Will Repeatedly Coloring My Hair Cause Hair Loss?


I have been coloring my hair for a few years now and lately I've noticed that my hair is getting thinner. Does hair dye cause hair loss and, if so, will it grow back if I stop?


Hair color contains multiple chemicals including peroxide and ammonia which can cause hair to become brittle and break, In addition, these chemicals if applied too long, can burn and possibly scar the scalp.

Any chemical process has the potential to permanently damage the hair. For that reason, it's always a good idea to let a professional handle coloring, bleaching or perming hair. If you must use home products, be sure to carefully follow the directions and don't apply the products too often.

If you have experienced hair loss, I suggest consulting with a dermatologist or skilled and ethical hair restoration physician rather than self-diagnosing. There are many causes of balding in both men and women and it may not be due to coloring your hair at all.