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Hair Loss Myths

Will Shaving My Head Cause My Hair to Grow Back Thicker?


Hi, good day to you. I am a female 26yrs old with very fine and thinning hair. My question is this: If I shaved off all of my hair, will it grow back better and thicker? I heard of this trick from someone and wanted to consult with you first before actually doing it. Thank you in advance


It is a common misconception that shaving your head will cause thicker hair regrowth. Just as common but equally as false, shaving your head will cause baldness. These are both hair loss myths.

Shaving your head or even getting a hair cut may make your hair "appear" thicker because it will be 1) healthier since all the dead ends have been cut off 2) fuller as slightly shorter hair tends to have more body and bounce, creating an "illusion" of fullness. So if you want to try to create a greater illusion of fullness, I'd suggest a less extreme measure of simply trimming and re-styling your hair rather than shaving your head and waiting a long time for your hair to grow back at the average slow rate of 1/2 inch per month. 

If you are experiencing balding however, I'd suggest consulting with a dermatologist or hair loss doctor who can evaluate your scalp and run medical tests to determine its cause. Only then can a proper hair loss treatment be recommended.

Bill Seemiller - Managing Publisher