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This Learning Center offers in-depth reviews of hair loss treatments and the leading physicians who provide them.Today, there are hair loss treatments that can stop or even reverse hair loss. Hair transplant surgery, when done right, can now produce results so natural that even hair stylists cannot spot them. But it is critical to choose the right hair loss treatment and hair restoration physician, since the skill, talent, and experience of physicians vary widely, as do their results.

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USA - Georgia - Bald Class - 3a

I'm in my early 40's and have been balding since my mid-20's.

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USA - California - Bald Class - 6

I began losing my hair at 21, tried finasteride at 22, discontinued due to side effects, began minoxidil...

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USA - New York - Bald Class - 3v

I'm 32 years old. Suffered from hair loss since I was 19.

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March, 2018


Topical ketoconazole exists in many forms, the most popular of which is contained as the active ingredient in the shampoos Nizoral (both 1% and 2%) and Revita (1%). Many use these shampoos religiously in combination with Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil)...


March, 2018


Typical male pattern genetic baldness (androgenic alopecia) can start with thinning hair and/or a bald spot in the crown. On the other hand, alopecia areata can cause a bald spot to form rapidly and in random areas of the scalp or body...


February, 2018


Getting approved for membership in the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. is an honor reserved for only the best hair transplant surgeons. View this community's standards for Coalition membership. After many years of viewing exceptional examples of excellent results and hundreds of satisfied patients, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Parsa Mohebi has been approved for Coalition membership.


February, 2018


"Ketoconazole is also available as a topical mousse, using patented Versafoam technology, marketed under the brand name Ketomousse. In clinical studies, the Versafoam proved to be a superior mechanism of delivery to the shampoo. Currently it is only available in Europe."


February, 2018


To be honest, we've heard claims like this over a dozen times but the reality is, nothing has ever materialized passed "mice". Allegedly, a chemical in McDonald's French Fries has been reported to cure male pattern baldness / hair loss. However, the scientific study that was performed was only on mice. For one, mice don't experience hair loss the same way human beings do. There is no DHT and pattern baldness that anyone is aware of. So what validity, if any is there to this McDonald's french fries cures baldness study? How many people experiencing hair loss have eaten McDonald's french fries excessively and still went bald?


January, 2018


Since Testim is used to increase the amount of testosterone in the body, the body may be producing more DHT (dihydrotestosterone) - the hormone responsible for androgeneic alopecia (genetic hair loss). Since hereditary baldness is triggered by male androgen hormones such as DHT, those indulging in Testim Hormonal Replacement Therapy may want to discuss hair loss and other repercussions of undergoing this treatment with their doctor.

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Mon, 12 Mar 2018 21:50:09 +0000

Deciding Between Density and Coverage with Hair Transplant Surgery

I am going for a hair transplant megasession in the near future. I was asked if I want to focus on getting very good hair density in the front, or average density throughout the entire scalp. Tell me, which approach is better? Given that the entire top of your scalp is experiencing hair loss, you […]

Fri, 09 Mar 2018 22:02:45 +0000

Can I Play Tennis 3 Days After Hair Transplant Surgery?

I just had a hair transplant 3 days ago and I have to play tennis outside. Can I put sunblock on my hair transplant grafts? I don’t want my grafts to burn. Any advice? If you’re an active tennis player, your body will be making a lot of jerking and twisting movements not to mention […]

Thu, 22 Feb 2018 18:22:27 +0000

Dr. Parsa Mohebi of CA Is Approved for the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

Only an elite group of surgeons are considered and approve for the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. To see our standards for Coalition membership, click here. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Parsa Mohebi has been approved for Coalition membership. To learn how we prescreen and recommend hair transplant surgeons, click here. Dr. […]

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 21:17:55 +0000

Will Hair Restored from a Hair Transplant Be as Thick and Dense as a Hairpiece?

I have been using hairpiece for the last 7 years. I’m now 33 years old. My question is, now that I am a class 7 on the Norwood scale of hair loss, how can I restore my hair through surgical hair transplantation? Is Propecia ok to use while I’m still using a hair piece? Is […]